Intercom Headset Adapters

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New and made to order!
Intercom Headset Adapters
4 and 5 pin

Color wire
Available in 
White, Blue, Grey,
Black, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green
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Adapt your intercom headset to any Clear-Com, RTS beltpack.
Works with any Clear-Com, RTS, Telex, Production Intercom
or Clear-Com compatible system.
(As a general rule, RTS uses Male connectors on their headsets,  Clear-Com and most others have a Female...)
Patch into a professional Hitachi, JVC or Sony camera
equipped with an active 5-pin intercom jack

Professionally made with brand new 
Neutrik NCXX connectors and Mogami W2534 cable
Look no longer!

This is the #1 source for headset adapters

Custom built to suit your needs.
4 & 5 pin Male & Female variations available.
5 Year guarantee on solder work.
Most orders are processed in 1 day

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