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JimiRayo.Com Intercom Headset Adapters started at the turn of the century in a home garage with one tech (me) making adapters for the local entertainment techs in Central Florida. Over a decade later, it's still one tech (me) in my garage making adapters for entertainment techs around the world.
All adapters are made with the highest quality parts, Nuetrik connectors & Mogami wire.

I tin and heatshrink each connection to ensure no failures or shorted wires.
 I take great care in the construction of each adapter and hope you will agree.
(Jimi Ray Oliver - 40 years experience as an audio engineer)
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Q: How many adapters do you have in stock?
A: None are pre-made. I have a small inventory of parts I keep on hand. I make them to order.

Q: Can you give price breaks on multiple adapters?
A: Unfortunately, No. Each adapter is it's own entity. It takes just as long to make one as it does the other.

     Since I sell at rock bottom prices anyway, giving one away would not be good business. 

Q: Can you do special orders if I have an idea for an adapter?
A:  Yes. Keeping in mind that developing a 'special' adapter are, many times, experimental.
      Since I probably don't have the exact equipment you are plugging into, the results may vary.
      But I do not mind working together to make it do what you want.
      Expect multiple e-mails or phone calls with many stupid questions.

Q: Do you make adapters for a cell/telephone phone headset?
A: No. A cell headset has an electret mic so it needs to be DC powered.
    The original headset wire would need to be spliced and resistors, capacitors and a 9v battery needs adding.
     It's ugly, risky and potentially costly. An undertaking I'm not willing to accept.
     Visit Mat Goebel's link below for a DIY on that.

Q: What shipping method and carrier do you use?
A: Standard 2-3 day priority shipping with the United States Postal Office exclusively.
    All shipments are boxed and include USPS Tracking and insurance.
    Buyer will receive a tracking # via e-mail.

Q: Do you guarantee overnight shipping?
A: No. I cannot guarantee an overnight delivery on same day of purchase.
    Due to my job as a live audio engineer,  I am not always home to complete the order or am on an out-of town gig.  
    When I am home, I do my best to make and ship out the day after a purchase.

Q: Do you guarantee your adapters?
A: I guarantee the workmanship (solder points/connectivity) for 5 years from date of purchase. After that I may be too old to keep doing this.
     I cannot cover damage to the connector ends (warping/cracked etc.) as I did not manufacture them.

Q: What is your return/refund policy?
A: Mistakes made on my part (wrong adapter/no connectivity etc.) are eligible for a replacement or full refund with return postage at my expense.
     Incorrect ordering on the buyer's part is subject to a refund/replacement after returning adapter in original condition.
     Buyer pays return shipping coming and going.
     Sometimes it's best to just to keep it and sell to a tech buddy.

Q: Do these work on all types of headsets?
A: If the headset is specifically made for dynamic mic 'portable' intercom systems (Clear-Com, RTS, Telex and similar), yes.
     Smart phone, Aircraft or military style headsets have different mics and impedences that do not play well.

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